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about us

if you're reading this, you probably know the basics about us.
however, i'm still going to give a short intro, because i want to.

we're 16 years old [nov 15 2002], collectively transmasculine and on testosterone, and faceclaim Terra from Final Fantasy VI. we're into coding, writing, and drawing. a few of our interests are the Mother series and Final Fantasy, but you can read more about our interests on the page for that.

we kin, but we usually don't take it too seriously and use it for coping.
usually we stay off social media, but that's been changing recently.

our system

we go by the name lux and collective he/him pronouns. we're a polyfragmented dissociative identity disorder system, and we're introject heavy, meaning that we have many alters that were formed as interpretations of fictional characters.
no, this is not roleplay!

we have around 50 confirmed alters, and currently, not everyone is listed. if there's a broken link, you should probably just wait for it to be updated! however, if you want to know about a specific alter who isn't listed, you can usually just ask. we don't bite! probably.

frequently asked questions

this section is mostly for those that aren't systems!

"what's a system?"
a system is formed by Dissociative Identitiy Disorder or Other Specified Dissociative Disorder 1. it is a collective of people, known as "alters", in one body, caused by lack of integration from childhood trauma.

"why do you have so many introjects?"
we're fiction prone and have a history of neglect and heavy coping with fiction, along with being both psychotic and autistic. this isn't something we can control! please respect that.